Rent and Fees

Monthly Rates beginning October 1, 2023

Maximum rent $718

Non-Optional services

Utilities $40

Optional Services 

Cable TV $36

Parking (with plug in): $20/month

Monthly Rates beginning October 1, 2024

Max Rent: $775

Utilities: $43

Optional Services

Cable TV: $37

Parking (with plug in): $20

Subsidies for Low Income Seniors

We are a Seniors self-contained housing facility regulated under the Alberta Housing Act.  

The Seniors Self-Contained program offers subsidized rental housing to seniors with affordability concerns. Applicants  whose income falls below local income thresholds are eligible to apply. 

 The rent is calculated using this formula (total income) x 30% divided by 12. Calculation are rounded to the nearest dollar amount or $718 whichever is less.  Optional and Non-Optional services are in addition to the rental fee.

Your income for the purpose of determining subsidy is based on your current Notice of Assessment.