Vision, Mission and Values

Chinook Foundation Vision, Mission, and Values


Seniors in Cardston County have access to affordable housing, services, and health supports in their chosen communities where they are empowered to live with fulfillment, connection, dignity, and safety.


Chinook Foundation provides quality affordable seniors housing in Cardston County.


Choice & Independence. We respect our residents’ right to make decisions for themselves. Though residents may require supports, we never limit choice or independence more than is necessary.

Dedication. Working for Chinook Foundation is more than a job. It is an opportunity to selflessly give from the heart to enrich the lives of others. It is an opportunity to strive for excellence in care, cooking, housekeeping, maintenance, activities, and administration as a reflection of our dedication to ensuring the best possible service for our residents.

Dignity. Each person has value, wisdom, and a contribution to make. We maintain privacy and confidentiality and treat everyone with dignity regardless of any differences, disabilities, or care needs. We see a person of worth before we see a medical diagnosis.

Fulfillment. We provide opportunities for our residents to experience meaningful and fulfilling lives by striving to meet their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual needs and by giving them opportunities to contribute, be involved and be connected.

Home. We operate homes, not institutions. We maintain a home-like décor, serve home-style meals, and respect the individuality of each resident in safely furnishing and decorating their private space.

Relationships. We build meaningful relationships with residents and empower their connectedness with each other and with family, friends, and the community. Each person is known and valued as an individual.

Safety. We maintain safe living and working environments for our residents and staff. We keep our buildings and grounds in excellent condition, run effective health and safety programs, have emergency plans, respond promptly to safety hazards, follow infection prevention and control measures and work with our partners to ensure care plans protect resident safety. Our other values are always respected in the approach we take to safety concerns.